Friday, August 26, 2011

7 days + 1 day

Thats right people. The wedding is that close. 8 days. 1 week and 1 day. 7 days and 1 day. I could go on with a list of ways to say it but its getting close is basically my point. I have three more days of work this weekend, then the temple on tuesday, wednesday thursday who knows but i'm sure it will be super busy. friday we are having a family dinner. then saturday we get married! its all coming pretty dang quick. I actually thought for the first time I need to do my laundry or else I am not going to have any clean clothes for Hawaii or when we get back and that would be annoying. so here I am today just doing laundry while Brock sits and works.

Its crazy that all of this stuff is happening next week. I cannot tell you how long I have dreamed of my wedding day with Brock...and my dreams were always with Brock being the groom ever since I can remember. I am so happy that things worked out and that we are going to get to be married in the temple together for time and all eternity. A lot of people ask me all the time if I'm nervous to get married. I know it may be common for people to be super nervous but I'm just not. I am marrying Brock..I've known him forever. and I've known for a while that he is going to be my forever. I mean really just can't beat this boy. He is seriously a gem and I have no doubt that he will treat me fabulous when we are married.

I can't wait to just get into a routine of daily life with him. Things have felt so hectic this summer (because they have been) and I just want to have a normal day to day life. Go to work, come home, eat dinner, do some school, and go to bed with my man. Is that to much to ask?! I know right now that seems like forever away but in just a few short weeks I'm sure that we will get a routine down and just be a happy little married couple.

Until then..its crazy hectic times for the next week. But I do have an amazing mom and sister who basically have taken the initiative to make our wedding fabulous. They seriously do amazing things.

Here's another pic....

Sunday, August 21, 2011

He's Here! :)

My man is here for good! :) After an amazingly long summer...he finally moved down here for good last night :) and I'm a happy girl!

Oh...and have I told you....13 days until we get married!!! :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Married Blog...

A couple of years ago...back when blogging started to be getting popular, I noticed that most everyone that was blogging was married and had a cute little married blog. Brock was on his mission at the time and I thought to myself..."I will never get a blog until I am married." Of course a couple of months later I wanted to start blogging so that thought went to the back of my brain and I started to blog my own blog. Even though my blog was mostly about how I missed Brock, it still wasn't the married blog that I first thought about when it came to blogging. So am I excited to be finally marrying the love of my life? Heck ya I am! ..But I am also excited that I get to start this new "married" blog also. I have thought about this day multiple times...the getting a married blog day...and I couldn't wait 2 weeks and 2 more days so I figured I would just start it now because we're getting married anyways so who cares right!?

Well the wedding is in two weeks and two days now. We couldn't be more excited. We couldn't be more stressed. And it literally can't get here soon enough. Multiple times throughout the day Brock and I will text each other just saying things like "TWO WEEKS AND TWO DAYS" or "Can we be married already" ..things like that. We know that we haven't been engaged to long but to us it feels like this wedding might never get here. Our new saying is that "short engagements are still long engagements." And its totally true. Being engaged is awful because all you want to do is get married and instead you keep planning about the day you will get married even though it seems like that day is never going to come. So we are trying to survive our engaged part. I think it will be easier when Brock moves down here for good on Saturday because our entire engagement has been one of us flying to either Utah or Washington just about every week. Its been super crazy to say the least.

Have I said how incredibly in love we are though? And how Brock is the most amazing person that I know....seriously he couldn't be more of a sweetheart to me even though I am literally a crazy person half the time because of all the stress with the wedding. Can I tell you something he does every single day? Every morning I wake up to a text that he has sent me while I am asleep from him. And its always a text saying some cute thing to me about how much he loves me and can't wait until we are sealed together. Something cute like that. Every morning. He's a dang cute fiancé. There is literally never a time that I think to myself...does Brock love me? He is always constantly telling me. What would I do without that boy? I keep trying to keep perspective because even though the wedding is the end of the day we're doing it all because we just want to be married to each other.

So there is my first married blog post. Did I do alright? Here's an engagement pic for a treat :)
so in love.