Monday, November 21, 2011


I got my wisdom teeth out this weekend. It was rough. And I've been in a lot of pain. But I am reminded every day that I am the luckiest girl alive. I have a sweet husband that would do anything for me. And I mean anything. Since I got my wisdom teeth out he has said to me every night before we go to bed.."if you need anything you wake me up. I don't care what it is just wake me up" He's amazing. and treats me better than I could have ever hoped for. So in this month of thanksgiving...I'm grateful for him. And all he does for me. I couldn't ask for more :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011


So I know I haven't blogged in forever...but blogger and I were in a fight. See, I blogged all about our honeymoon and then blogger just froze on me and it all got erased. And I got ticked. Hence I haven't blogged in forever..but I feel guilty. So I'm going to try the whole honeymoon post again.

Our honeymoon was a quick one. A total blast and worth it though if you ask us. Because of Brock's school we had to do a quick little five day honeymoon in Hawaii and then fly right back...ok so it was more like 4 days with the traveling. It was crazy! From wedding to reception to Hawaii to seattle for another reception and then drive back to Utah for school and work. To say we were exhausted after all of that was an understatement. But the honeymoon....Hawaii...amazing. So heres the low down on the honeymoon :)

Day 1 (Sunday): We had a crazy flight from Salt Lake to LA then to Honolulu. In LA we ate at chili's in the airport and had chips and salsa and drinks...that was it for dinner. Kami and Ben (my favorite oahu family) met us at the airport and gave us one of their cars for the time we were there. So sweet of them...saved us so much money! Then it was off to the resort. We stayed at the Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club. Its beyond beautiful. Once we got all settled was about 11 at night..I realized that I was starving! So we called around to see what was open...what did we So we ate a bit..and passed out!
at the airport
Day 2 (Monday): Monday was our relaxing day. We decided not to plan a thing and just hang out at the resort and just relax. We went to the pool and the beach...ate some hawaiian plate lunch and just hung out with each other. It was a little bit cloudy that day so we hung out at the hot tub quite a bit. Then that night we decided to head into Waikiki and eat a nice dinner. We ate at good! Then we went and shopped around at the International Market Place. Brock brought me a Hawaiian ring to replace the one that I lost :) It was a fun night!
Day 3 (Tuesday): Tuesday we hit up the North Shore. It was like being back at home for me :) We first stops at Ted's Bakery (aka best place on the island) to eat lunch. Then we went and did a session at the beautiful Laie temple. It was amazing going to that temple as a newly married couple. Afterwards we did a drive on the coast of the North Shore..We went to the park by Chinamens hat and just played around. Then we went to the night show at the PCC. It was a blast! It was a good reminiscing day for me and it was great to be able to show Brock everything that I used to do!
beautiful laie temple
Day 4 (Wednesday): Our last full day on the island! We decided to make this another north shore day. We stopped at the pinneapple plantation on our way up and ate some pineapple ice cream! Then we went to eat lunch with Kami and Ben and the boys! It was so good catching up with them! They were like a second family to me so it was good to be able to have Brock get to know them a little better! Then we headed up to Waimea (best beach on the island) and Brock jumped off the rock and we just had a good time relaxing and playing in the sand! When we got back to the hotel we ate at a nice restaurant called Chucks Steakhouse and really went all out because my parents had sent us a gift card to there. It was an amazing sunset and some amazing food!
waimea :)
Day 5 (Thursday): We packed up and saw our last bit of Hawaiian sun! :( Kami took us to that airport and we said goodbye to our Hawaiian paradise. We flew into L.A. and had a layover overnight there. Luckily we got to stay in a beautiful marriott there and had one last night of our honeymoon. We ate at a burger place at the hotel and were just exhausted from all the traveling. We got up the next morning at 4 to catch our flight and make it back for our Seattle reception!