Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Little Ones

One of the best parts about being in Washington this summer has been that we get to see our nieces and nephews all the time. We LOVE those little ones to say the least! They are so much fun and it has been so awesome for us to get to see them more often.
These little ones are not so little anymore....Brooke and Brent's kids LOVE their uncle Brock. We got to babysit them the other night and they were jumping all over him. Sadie (one in the middle) told me that her Uncle Brock is the funniest and that I am just sort of funny but she still loves me :) Spencer can say both of our names and we just love that cute smile of his. Kate is growing up like crazy and loves to be talking and hanging out with the grown ups now
And then there is Brandi's son Cade. Pretty much one of the cutest kids that we know. We bring him airheads when we go see him just so that we can see how excited he gets and starts running around the house showing everyone about how he got an airhead from Ali. Brock lives for having sword fights with Cade. They could "kill" each other for hours and hours. 
And then there is Brandi's newest little bundle of joy. And my bundle of joy....I lovvvve little miss Blakely. I completely admit that I am a Blakely hog. Whenever she comes over I steal her away. She is so adorable and the other day was awing over Brock. They were totally flirting with each other. We love her and thats that. :) 

Well there they all are. They are great. And within a couple of weeks there will be another. We love love love them all! Its been so so fun! :) 

Crafty Ali

If you know know I'm about as far away from being crafty as you can get. But since I have had a little time these past few weeks I decided that it was time that I put my crafting skills to the test. And it worked! I made a chevron canvas for my apartment and I am very very proud. Here it is..
first you tape it.....
then you paint....
then its finished! :) 
And if your wondering...yes I used a template to put the tape way could I have done that free hand...and then I took white paint after and went over the spots that bled a little from the tape :)

One Year Ago

Today marks the one year mark from when my favorite guy got home from his mission. I can't believe that a year has passed since that amazing day. And literally it has only gotten better since then. I pretty much have an amazing husband. And I am so grateful that he served such an amazing mission. It has blessed my life so much. I adore him a little :)