Thursday, January 17, 2013

Welcome to our home pt. 2

Heres the view from the couch (these pics were taken during christmas)
Next to the tv a bit is our little bookshelf!
Then you could go out to our little balcony!
Then the hall to the bedrooms! :)
Here's the main bath with my all time fav shower curtain!
Guest bedroom! :) Come and stay with us!
Heres our bedroom! No idea where my pillow is.. :)

Our little dresser!

Then we have the master bath and closet!

Here is the bath in our room!

Well thats the tour! We have tons more cute little decorations that we got for Christmas so I think I will be posting those soon! :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Welcome to our home pt. 1

This is well overdue but here goes part one of our condo! We are basically in love with it and feel so blessed that we get to live here!
Heres the front door - the first door to the right is the laundry room (nothing special there) 
when you walk in you can either go left to the bedrooms or walk straight to the living room
here is part of our cute little kitchen!
heres the other part - it has a nice big bar that comes out so that is nice!
then we come to the living room!
our wedding wall!
There is part one! Stay tuned for more!!