Friday, February 17, 2012

He got in!

I'm so proud of this guy! We found out on Monday that he got into the Advertising Program at BYU! He worked really hard on his portfolio to get in and definitely took the time to make sure that he got in! And he did! :) I'm so lucky to be his wife :) 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Neighbors, People, And Things

Husband is working out. I'm sitting on my little bum. Its a regular thing these days. Ok for the past couple days. School is taking up all my time and since its means me sitting on a computer for hours. The neighbors behind the kitchen are yelling at each other again. I hear them every couple days. Literally yelling. I mean..the walls aren't very thick..but they are YELLING. Thankfully I have a husband that couldn't raise his voice at me even if he tried. I swear if I try being mad at him he just tells me how he loves me. He's the best. They yell so loud over there. I hope that they are alright and can fix their issues.

Tonight I'm missing certain things. certain people.

Like my sissy. We talked today on the phone. She's having some cool adventures over there but I asked if Iran could bomb Israel so that she could come home. She said she wouldn't be to happy about that but if it did happen that she hopes she gets a refund. Have you seen her cool muslim getup? She's like a terrorist waiting to happen in those clothes....:) thats a joke :)

Sandals. Summer warmth. Its never really gotten to be winter to much here but I still am missing that warm summer heat. And sandals. Boots can get really old if you ask me. I love everything that summer entails. Please come soon summer. 

Just two of the thoughts on my mind. Husband. Please come back soon. The neighbors are scaring me. Seriously I almost want to go over there and see if everything is ok....of course I won't. But I hope they can work things out :/