Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cute right?

That's Brocks "I just picked up" face. He's cute right? And he cleans! :) I especially love it that he does the dishes and I dry them. Oh the simple that boy :) 

oh and pics of the apt....they will be up just as soon as we hang everything up...its a work in progress.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


So let me paint a picture for you....this past thursday night Brock and I are at my parents house. I had to work the next morning which means getting up at the awful 4 in the morning and so I go to bed pretty early on those nights. Normally Brock is very sweet and goes to bed early with me. Well Thursday..he had a cold sore..and wanted to ice it. So he said to me that I should go to bed and he would ice it and then come to bed after. Sounded fine to me. Until I got into that bed...alone...without him. Yup I literally could not sleep. I was tossing and turning thinking...when is he going to come to bed. Finally he came (seemed like an 5 hours..probably was only 20 minutes) and I fell asleep after that :) 

So yes...I've become a pathetic wife who can't fall asleep without her husband in bed. Oh well...its just the way it is :) 

Hope you all had a good weekend! Ours consisted of working....yuck. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Life as of late

I know...its been a while. Things have been crazy lately..and now things are finally settling down. I would tell you all about the wedding..but pics aren't in yet and what could is a recap of the wedding if we don't have pictures to show! :) So instead...I'll tell you whats up right now. 

1. We finally are getting settled in our new apartment. Because I work so far away at the moment we have been back and forth staying at my parents and at our apartment but its finally starting to look alright. We have a couch, a kitchen table, a coffee table, a bed and bed stands. yup...sounds like a house to me. Its small. quite small. but there is only two of us there so who really cares right? And we are only there til may so lets be honest...we can live in a small place until may. 

2. School is up and running. And still blows. Brock and I have been doing homework the past couple days basically we do homework for a while..then we look at each other and kiss and eat an airhead and say i was just missing you...then we get back to our homework for a while! yup..thats life. 

3. I'm still driving forever away..Its hard to find time to look for a job. Its going to be my number one priority next week. Anybody have any connections in utah county for an RN job? If you do..let me know. Im dying to not drive forever away. Its getting pretty old. But its money. and I love my job...I just wish it was closer. 

4. We are madly in love and LOVE being married. Its the best. I'm so glad that Brock is my husband and I get to be with him forever. Life is good. :)

5. Here's a pic one of our friends took from the wedding. I love how everyone is all over the place but its like we are the only ones there :)