Monday, January 30, 2012

I love you.

I love you Seattle. We can't wait to be back with you this summer. We will see you soon. And we can't wait! 
isn't she beautiful?
If you didn't know yet...Brock is doing an internship and I am going to be nanny a few days a week this summer. Can't wait. 

Mondays and Friends.

I swear on Monday's Brock and I do homework all stupid day. Ok actually I feel like I am doing homework all time. But its my last semester and I can do anything for one more semester. Some days it feels like its never going to end though. But for me it will...Brock on the other hand still has a while!! :/ Poor boy!

Monday's have always been a drag. But lately there has been something fun that I've been doing on Monday's. Grocery shopping. I know, its not normally something that fun...but my best friend Abbey and I have been grocery shopping together since we got married for most monday's that we can. And really...its a lot of fun. Some mondays we get to go out to lunch after but like today we just went shopping and that was that.
little girls
Abbey has always been one of my greatest friends. Actually I would say she is the best friend I have ever had. And now our husbands are good friends too. Its probably the best situation I could ever imagine. Before Brock got home from his mission we would always says how they were going to be friends but they really are now. We do dinners every week with them and I couldn't imagine life without these guys.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Catching Up!

Sorry I'm awful at blogging. I used to get all high and mighty with my sister-in-law about how she never blogged and how she needed to be better at it. This was when Brock was on his mission and I of course had nothing better to do than blog about how I missed him. Now that we are married...I swear its like I just don't have any time to blog. When I'm not working..its school, or him that I am spending my time on. Or our favorite know. Blogging? Not on our priority list. But I've made it a new priority to start blogging again. Hopefully it happens because I am taking a full load of credits for school online and working full time. To say life won't be a little bit crazy is an understatement.

Did I say Happy New Year yet!? I have a feeling that 2012 is going to be fabulous! :) We brought in the new year....sleeping. I had to work new years and new years eve so therefore we slept. And I said happy new years to Brock at 4 in the morning when I woke up for work that morning :) Oh and guess what? I got a new job! In Provo! I am VERY excited and VERY nervous. I was really comfortable at the veterans home but it was becoming so stressful driving an hour there and back. I am going to be doing pediatric home health here in provo and just had orientation the past two days. I'm freaked out by the idea of this job but hopefully I like it. It should be really different but thats whats awesome about nursing is there is so many things that you can do with it. I think I will like it once I am used to it! But we are in Provo full time now. Its only been a week and things are already less stressful. Its just nice to be in one place.

Christmas this year was pretty crazy..and great! It was our first married Christmas and we both had both of our families in Seattle so we decided to split the time between families which was pretty insane! It worked out pretty well in the end and we got to spend a lot of time with both families. Probably the best part was seeing our nieces and nephews. We LOVE those little kids and miss them so much when we are in Utah! Las margaritas was of course amazing and so was burger master and teriyaki. It was just good to spend time with family and have a nice break! :) We played games, had a fire, power went out on christmas day, mom got sick, ate a lot, opened presents, ate get the picture! It was a blast :) Christmas is my favorite time of the year and it was awesome to be married this year and spend time with Brock and both our families ;)
Christmas Eve at gmas :)