Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Eleanor at 1 month!

I can't believe that it has been a month since we welcomed our little girl into this world. It has flown by! Some days feel long of course, but most days fly by and I just love every minute that I get to be with Ella. The nicu is a crazy place to be, but I wouldn't want her in any other place. It is SO nice to have my friends taking care of her and to know that even when I am not there that she is getting amazing care. So here is some tidbits about Eleanor at one month

*She loves her binky and will try to keep it in with her hands
*She is SO spunky and if its not her way then she will let you know!
*She loves to sleep with one arm above her head, just like her momma :)
*She likes to grab and pull on her tubes. Actually she will grab onto anything in site, but our fingers are her favorite to hold onto!
*She loves being swaddled
*Her favorite time of the day is when mommy and daddy come to see her, and the nurses tell us that she wakes up almost every time about 10 minutes before we get there and gets antsy for us to come
*She is the best dressed baby in the NICU
*She loves getting her hair washed...just like any girl would!
*She is SO alert. She literally looks around all the time and just sucks on her binky and is very content to see whats going on.
*She loves to be held but will tell you when she is ready to go back to bed!

Happy One Month Girlie! 

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