Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Eleanor Marie Beeson

Wow it has taken me a month to get to writing this post! And I look back at my last post and it was when I had just found out I had placenta previa. And things were just fine! Well lets get to whats happened in the last month.

I would like to introduce my sweet Eleanor Marie Beeson. She was born on December 8th, 2013 at 2:13 am. She was 1 pound 14 ounces an 13 inches long. And she stole our hearts pretty much instantly.

So back to her story. And it starts on December 6th when I went to my high risk doctor. Everything had been going great and when we went we got the ok to go to seattle for christmas and was told that everything was looking great and that I was "very stable." Kind of ironic that she came two days later? So on Saturday I went to a regular day at work. I wasn't really busy and it was just a normal day. As I was leaving the neonatoligist on that night said Ali be safe driving home and take care of that baby. There was a major snow storm that night and I had to work the next day so I decided to grab Cafe Rio on the way home for dinner for Brock and I. As I was getting home and getting out of my car, I suddenly felt a big gush of blood.

I immediately knew what this felt like because just six weeks before the same thing had happened. And to be honest...I didn't freak out this time. I could feel her kicking around and had been told by the doctors that this could happen a few times in my pregnancy because of the placenta previa and so when it happened I needed to come back to the hospital and spend a few days on bedrest until it stopped in the hospital. So I had sort of prepared myself that I could start bleeding at any time because of it. So I actually walked upstairs, changed out of my scrubs and then told Brock we need to go to the hospital. 

As we were driving, the roads were horrible and I kept telling Brock, DO NOT get us in an accident. Luckily we live super close to the hospital so we were fine. I didn't even call my parents at first because I didn't want them to rush in the snow to the hospital when I thought that I would just be chillin there. 

When we got to the hospital they admitted me right away, did some blood tests and called the doctor. When he came in, he told me exactly what I expected. That I would need to stay in the hospital for a few days to watch the bleeding and that I would need to get a lot worse in order to need to deliver her. So at this point I had Brock go home and get me clothes, and my pillow and things in order to stay in the hospital a few days. The bleeding had slowed down a bit and things were ok! 

Then around 10 pm I started feeling my uterus contracting. It wasn't painful but it was definitely there and even at first it wasn't showing on the monitors. They got worse though and started showing on the monitors so the doc came in and said that he was going to give me some medicine to slow the contractions down. So once again I was fine with that and really wasn't thinking that she was going to be born. 

Two hours later and its midnight. And I start feeling so really strong contractions. I was super uncomfortable and all of a sudden I started feeling gushing of blood with every contraction. I knew then that something wasn't right and I called my nurse in. She told me that she would change my pad and see how much blood I had lost and call the doctor. I also thought I needed to go to the bathroom so she gave me a bedpan and instead of peeing, I gushed 500 ml of blood right then into the bedpan. And then my nurse ran out and called the doc. She came in a couple minutes later and said I am so sorry but we need to do an emergency c-section right now.

Brock didn't even catch it when she said it. And like 10 people started coming in my room right then. I told Brock that he needed to call my parents and tell them what was going on. And he was like Ali what is going on I don't know what is going on. So I told him and then he freaked of course and started getting on his phone calling our family. I was beyond freaked out at this point. I just wanted to go home and none of this to happen. But one really great thing happened. The neonatologist that had told me to be safe going home, and who I love and respect so much came into my room before they delivered and told me that they were going to take great care of my baby. I literally tear up thinking about this. In the moment of being terrified that calmed me just a little bit. I will NEVER be able to thank this man enough. He is one incredible doctor. and he is from France. which makes him way cooler. :) 

Ok back to the story. So they rushed me off to the operating room, gave me a spinal which really didn't hurt all that bad but I did have a lot on my mind and all of a sudden after a few minutes I hear a little baby crying. And then I was calm. Because when a baby that is 27 weeks comes out crying, thats a REALLY good thing. So they took her out and got her all set up and took her to the NICU. And if you know what apgar scores are, hers were 8 and 9. Which is amazing for a baby her size. Brock told me that she was wide eyed and just bawling her eyes out when she was out. They brought me a couple pictures of her and Brock went with her to the NICU. And once again I was so grateful for those sweet friends I have in the NICU that took care of her that night. I couldn't have asked for a better group to take care of Eleanor when she was born and the best part was that I knew they were amazing and I wasn't nervous for her. I knew that she would be ok. 

When I was stable they got to take me over in my bed to see her for a few minutes. And that was amazing. She was so adorable and I fell in love right away. And only love her more everyday. She has been such a fighter. And she is spunky! 
Meeting my little girl for the first time 


  1. Ali I have tears in my eyes. Yes Ella is a fighter but as a mom I can only imagine what everything has been like for u and u are an amazingly strong mother, wife and nurse. I have always just adored u Ali. Love u.

  2. So I read this right when you posted it and then wrote this long comment that wouldn't post and erased... so then I was annoyed and didn't feel like trying to re-type it at the time. But I decided I should probably post a comment because this post really got to me. Totally made me cry. I just love hearing birth stories, but it's just so crazy to read them when there is so much worry and danger for the mother and/or child. I can't even imagine the sinking feeling you must have had while in that hospital room. You think you have things figured out and under control (even in a fairly scary situation), and then bam. Lots of blood. Lots of doctors. And the words emergency c-section. I can just hear Brock saying "Ali, what is going on? I don't know what is going on." and it makes me tear up. The fear you two must have felt still makes me so sad. But seriously, through it all, you guys were such troopers. Obviously you have experience with premies so I'm sure that made such a big difference in how worried you were, but to have your own child be the one at risk must have been so scary. Still you guys had the most positive attitudes. Those first few hours I was scared to even text you guys because I wasn't sure how you were going to be dealing with things, but of course, you were just little balls of sunshine! Brand new parents who couldn't be happier! I showed my mother in law the picture of you reaching over to Ella (I believe it's the first picture of your whole family) and she just said "I can't believe how happy she looks!". It's amazing that you could be so positive in such a scary situation. I love you guys and the amazing example you set. I'm so happy that you guys are parents! And so glad that Ella is doing so well. She really is strong and I couldn't be more proud as an aunt :) I just can't wait to meet that little girl! Thanks for posting this. And thanks a lot for making me cry, even reading again a few weeks later ;)