Thursday, November 7, 2013


So it was last May that we finally decided that IVF was what we needed to do. And we felt good about it. And nervous. Extremely nervous. Its a lot of money. and kind of our last thing to get to in order to get pregnant. But when we made the decision, Brock and I felt really good about it. We knew that we would be parents somehow and if this was the way for our little family to get started then so be it. 

So we started all of the many medications that you have to be on to actually do IVF. I was on 3 injectable medications at one point and probably 10 vitamins. Brock had to take tons of vitamins and some other stuff too. It was insane. Our house could have been mistaken for a druggies house because of all the needles and medications that were lying around. Some of the injectables left huge welts on my tummy. And some made me feel yucky. But the point was to get as many good eggs as possible to fertilize so that we would have as many embryos as possible. We ended up getting 16 eggs, 10 fertilized, 7 made it to day 3 of the growing in the incubator, and 4 made it to day 5. They drop like flies. Its crazy. So we still have two frozen. Which is amazing if you ask me! 

On a side note. We had a major decision to make during IVF. We are a healthy, young couple that had an extremely great chance of getting pregnant with IVF we were told. We had the choice to implant one embryo or two. But our doctors really tried to push us to implant only one because our risk of multiples was over 50% if we implanted two. And as a NICU nurse, I knew what kind of high risk pregnancy that meant, and neither Brock nor I was crazy about having twins. So basically we were told that we had a choice to do one or two, but that we should do one. It was a crazy hard decision for us. Lots of praying and going to the temple went on. And I felt insanely strong that we needed to implant two. And Brock felt that way too. And it bugged us. Because we knew the risk. And yet we couldn't help but feel strongly prompted to implant two. 

The day of implanting the embryos is SO COOL! They show you the embryos, give you pictures, and it is a really really amazing thing to be able to see life in such a simple form of cells. AMAZING. Heres the pic of the two embryos that we implanted!!!
Does that picture amaze you like it amazes me?! While this has been an extreme trial for us, the way that we did get pregnant was unreal. Modern medicine never ceases to amaze me. It is a 100% miracle that this is our little baby 5 days after conception. And that all babies start out this way. Our Heavenly Father sure has blessed this day by the medicine of IVF. Its unreal. Ok back to the story....

So they implanted them. And we waited. For 12 days until our blood pregnancy test! I was on bedrest for 3 days after the implantation and then went back to work after that. But I of course couldn't wait and so I started peeing on a stick to see if I was pregnant. And a week and a half after the implantation...I got this.....

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