Thursday, November 7, 2013

A little scare!

This little girlie of ours has given us a fair amount of stress since the beginning. She just wanted to rule our lives from the moment that she was even thought of. I can't blame her....she has me for a mom :) :) But ever since the beginning parts of pregnancy where I was extremely worried and stressed...pregnancy has been a total breeze. I love being pregnant. I seriously can't complain. Other than being tired, I really just haven't experienced anything to bad. So of course since it has been so easy..she decided that she wanted to make things a bit more difficult!

A week ago on Monday I had just worked the day shift, had some dinner and was chillin on the couch watching tv with Brock. All of a sudden I felt like I had peed my pants. So I ran over to the bathroom and had a huggge gush of blood all over. I of course started bawling and Brock came running over to see what was wrong. We went straight to the hospital and I was more than sure that I had miscarried. We got to L&D and they took us right in and put the monitors on me. There was her heartbeat!!! She was still alive! Hallelujah! I calmed down a lot then but I still was bleeding and they didn't know why. They called up for an ultrasound to see if something was wrong with my placenta and so we waited a while for them to come.

Then I started contracting! Ugh! So then they were worried that I was they checked me (ouch!) and luckily my cervix was closed and they couldn't see anything wrong that way. But I was contracting regularly so they gave me a whole bunch of IV fluids to help me rehydrate and that pretty much stopped the contractions so that was good! Then the ultrasound guy came up...saw that my placenta was very low and close to my cervix...luckily my cervix was closed but it was a little shorter than normal as well. So my doc said since the bleeding had slowed down a lot that I could go home on bedrest for the rest of the week and then come in on Friday. So bedrest it was for the rest of the week!

Friday we went in and luckily I hadn't had anymore bleeding. He said that with everything that happened that we should head to Maternal Fetal Medicine (the high risk docs) on tuesday to make sure everything was ok!

So this past Tuesday we went to maternal fetal medicine. We had a long ultrasound and looked at everything with our little girl. She looks completely normal. No abnormalities or defects with her luckily! Her placenta on the other hand...ain't so hot! I have a complete placenta previa which means that the placenta is fully covering the cervix. This has to be watched really carefully throughout the pregnancy but can resolve itself as the uterus grows..we just have to wait and see. Also, her cord insert to the placenta is on the side of the placenta...not smack dab in the middle like it should be. She has always been on the small side and they said that her growth isn't as great as they would like to see and that is probably why. So we get to have monthly trips to the maternal fetal medicine doc to check both of those things. And I pray that she will just grow and that the placenta previa will resolve! But we will do what we have to do! :) My little girlie is a fighter!
Here she is from Tuesday! 


  1. OH my gosh!!!!! I bet that was so scary!!! You poor momma!!!!

  2. Oh Ali, I'm so glad you posted all these. I just went through all the posts you wrote and it was so fun hearing about all the drama with your baby making :) On a more serious note though, reading this post made me tear up. I can't even imagine the pain and sadness you must have felt when you saw all that blood. It must have been so scary. I'm so glad that things are ok now and that little missy is doing well. Miss you guys and love you so much!!!