Thursday, November 7, 2013


So after those home pregnancy tests Brock and I were THRILLED! And we weren't even nervous for our blood pregnancy test. We went in at the 12 days after and got the test. And then the nurse called later that day, and she didn't sound excited. In fact, she told me that normal HCG (pregnancy hormone) levels should be over 100 by the time I took my test. And mine was 59. So she said..your technically pregnant but this number is not great and we need you to come in two days and retake the level to see if it has risen by at least 60%. We were SO upset. And the next two days were the LONGEST ever. It took forever we felt like. So we went in two days later and our number had risen to 98. That was good! It had risen more than 60%. So they said, well it still isn't looking great but thats good that it has risen. They told us we could miscarry at any time and to just be prepared. And to come in four days later and get another level. So four days went by, and this time we were calm....we had a good feeling that it was going to be a good number. And it was! 715!!!! Thats amazing! It had skyrocketed. So we scheduled our ultrasound for 6 1/2 weeks.

Ultrasound day came. And we were excited. So excited. I hadn't had any bleeding, no signs of miscarrying and things were going well! We went in....and our doc just didn't seem to have a great attitude about the pregnancy. He told us often times it will still be to early to see anything yet but we would look for the fetal pole. So we fetal pole. Just a gestational sac and a yolk sac. So something was there. But no heartbeat yet. And he told us again...our chances of miscarrying were really high and that the pregnancy probably wouldn't last. And we were so sad...again...Literally we kept getting this whole..your pregnant but your going to miscarry speech and it was hard to hear! So hard to hear! So he said to come in a week and a half later and if there was no heartbeat at that point then I would for sure miscarry.

So a week and a half came....and we were dang nervous! I still hadn't miscarried. And had no signs of miscarrying. We went into the ultrasound room...and the second the put the probe on...I could see it! A heartbeat! A baby! And just one! Oh my we were so relieved. And the doctor said things looked much better now! He said to come back at 10 weeks for one more ultrasound, but to make an appointment with our regular ob/gyn and start to have a regular pregnancy!
Yes that little blob is a baby! 
So we went along...pregnant! I never got sick at all my first trimester. I had a lot of food aversion..but never nausea and vomiting! Thank heavens! The first trimester was a total breeze. And we went in at 10 weeks for one more ultrasound and here is baby! 
Still a blob...but more a baby blob! 

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